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There are often debates on the health benefit differences between conventional meat, and halal meat. Simply put, “halal” means permissible. In the context of food or meat, the phrase halal refers to meat that has been reared, slaughtered, processed and prepared following Islamic dietary regulations.

The words “Halal” and “Haram” are frequently used to describe what is “Permitted” and “Prohibited” behaviour in the Quran.

Halal when applied to meat or foods, is the standard which provides us with nutritious goods, and is devoid of hazardous elements such as pollution, dirt and other bacteria. Halal meat is not only popular amongst Muslims, but a lot of other communities due to it’s cleanliness and health benefits.

What Makes Meat Halal?

There are certain regulations and requirements for a meat to be classed as halal. A certain prayer needs to be recited at the point of slaughter, and the animal must be alive and healthy. Any halal meat, which has been certified, will have been reared and slaughtered under Islamic Law.

Muslims are only allowed to consume Halal meat and food. Halal meat, including halal beef, halal chicken, halal mutton and halal lamb all have additional advantages and are thought to be good for both, the mind and the body when slaughtered in a Halal manner.

The Health Benefits of Halal Meat

There are many prominent advantages of eating halal beef, lamb, or others, some of them are listed below:

Benefit No. 1: It is Safer to Eat

Food safety and hygiene are always prioritised in Halal-certified meat which reduces the risk of food contamination. Halal meat farmers avoid using antibiotics and pesticides that many other profit-driven farms employ. When it comes to contamination and food illness, halal food has a low occurrence rate. In Islamic Law, contamination or cross-contamination is something that the halal meat farmer has to be wary of. The blood must be completely drained from the carcass in the process of Islamic slaughtering, as it results in better, fresher meat devoid of pathogen infestation.

Benefit No. 2: It Enhances Metabolism

The second health advantage is connected to our bodies metabolism.

One of the most essential ways to take care of your body is to make sure that the food you eat is nutritious and of excellent quality. Halal beef, lamb, and chicken enhance the immune system, brain, and metabolism in our body. When your metabolism is strong, it absorbs all nutrients and eliminates all the harmful substances from your body, which is a huge beneficial factor when looking after your health.

Benefit No. 3: It Tastes Better

Aside from the health benefits of halal meat, do you know that meat that contains blood is more prone to putrefaction and gives a bad flavour? When compared to other meat, halal meat is considered not only healthier, but also tastes better. Due to the absence of blood in the meat, it makes the meat more tender, and taste better. The absence of blood in halal meat also makes it bacteria-resistant.

Benefit No. 4: It is More Hygienic

Food hygience is the most essential element to maintain a healthy life. It is also the most impor criteria of halal meat regulation. Butchers and farmers who slaughter the meat must adhere to this critical criterion. Animals are given nutrious, clean meals when being reared. If any animal becomes unwell, or is unfit, it is not allowed to be slaughtered.

Benefit No. 5: It is Stress Hormone-Free

All the animals are treated with care and respect when they are being reared. While other living animals are present, no animals are allowed to be slaughtered. This helps to keep the animals as stress-free as possible during the slaughtering procedure. This has additional health benefits since the animal’s lack of stress decreases the release of hormones that can change the meat it produces.

Benefit No. 6: It Improves the Immune System

Having halal meat ensures you are eating food that is safe and nutrious, which ensures that your immune system is being developed much better than when you would consume your conventional meat.

Why You Should Eat Halal Meat?

There are a number of reasons why halal meat, halal beef, halal chicken, halal lamb and halal mutton can bring a positive change in your life. Whether that be a change in your physical health and the health advantages it would bring to you, it also encourages healthy and enviromentally friendly eating.

How Do I Know if Meat is Halal?

Any supplier of meat that claims to be halal will have a certificate authenticating the meat. Different suppliers, will have different authenticating bodies. Usually, these will vary. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to specific authenticating bodies of Halal meat, you can find information on how to contact them on our Halal page.

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